KS3 | Mathematics

At Edmonton County School Key Stage 3 Mathematics is taught over two years. The skills and topics learnt here are crucial to ensuring students are key stage 4 ready. Students are grouped in accordance with current progress and attainment – appropriate movement between groups continues until Year 11 to support all students to achieve their potential.

KS3 Lead: Ms P Tilkidag


The Key Stage 3 curriculum plan reflects the high expectations we have for every student. We, at ECS, believe that every student is entitled to master the key mathematical content for their age and ability while being supported and challenged.

Our curriculum aims to develop students’ mathematical fluency, enrich mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills.  Students will be taught topics sequentially so their prior knowledge can be connected to new learning, allowing them to understand the coherent and linked nature of mathematics. There is great emphasis on ensuring students consolidate their learning and continue to apply their knowledge in different contexts.  Furthermore, our KS3 curriculum is developed to build confidence in mathematics and prepare our students for GCSE and beyond.

Handbook year 7

Handbook year 8