BTEC | Dance

Dance is a key component of our curriculum offer, and we employ a dance specialist to oversee provision in both curricular and extra-curricular activities.

We offer an introduction to dance skills in Year 9 and BTEC Dance in Year 10 and 11.  These courses give the pupils an opportunity to develop their technique and performance skills.  The units we offer at BTEC are:

Core Units

Unit 1: Individual Showcase

Unit 2: Preparation, Performance and Production

Optional Specialist Units

Unit 4: Dance Skills

We run extra-curricular dance classes for Key Stage 3 and AG&T students.  These classes give pupils the opportunity to develop their dance skills through different styles of dance and gain performance experience.

Each year we enter the Enfield Dance Festival along with other secondary schools in the borough.  Pupils have the opportunity to perform in front of a full theatre audience.

In the summer term we put on a successful dance show, where pupils of all ages, gender and ethnicity showcase their talents in front of their peers, parents and staff.