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The governing body has a cycle of meetings throughout the school year. Papers are sent to members of the committees and the full governing body in advance of the meeting.

The agenda is drawn up by the Headteacher in consultation with the chair of the committee or in the case of the full governing body, the Chair of Governors. The format of meetings is broadly as follows:

  1. Apologies
  2. Declarations of Interest
  3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
  4. Matters arising
  5. Agenda items – for each agenda item there will normally be a briefing paper and the agenda will state briefly the issue to be considered.

Governors Meetings 2016-17

All meetings will be held at 6pm except where noted otherwise

Autumn Term

Wednesday 14 September – Full GB Business Meeting (B)
Thursday 22 September – Performance and Strategy group (B)
Tuesday 27 September – FGB Training(C)
Wednesday 12 October – FPH&S (B)
Wednesday 02 November – Staffing (C)
Tuesday 08 November – Secondary (B)
Thursday 10 November – Performance and Strategy group (C)
Tuesday 22 November – Primary (C)
Wednesday 30 November – Full GB Meeting (C)

Autumn Term Governors Visit Day

w/c Monday 10 October

Spring Term

Thursday 12 January – FGB Training (C)
Wednesday 18 January – FPH&S (C)
Tuesday 31 January – Staffing (B)
Thursday 23 February – Secondary(C)
Tuesday 28 February – Primary (B)
Thursday 02 March – Performance and Strategy group (B)
Tuesday 07 March – FPH&S (B)
Wednesday 22 March – Full GB Meeting (C)

Spring Term Governors Visit Day

w/c Tuesday 18 April

Summer Term

w/c 01 May – Pre-meeting with Chair of FPH&S (C)
Thursday 04 May – FGB Training (C)
Tuesday 09 May – FPH&S (B)
Wednesday 07 June – Staffing (C)
Tuesday 13 June – Primary (C)
Thursday 15 June – Performance and Strategy group (B)
Wednesday 21 June – Secondary (B)
Thursday 6 July – Full GB Meeting (C)

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