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To deal with all complaints in a consistent, fair and fast manner with an outcome that satisfies all parties. Giving reassurance that Edmonton County School aim to resolve any dissatisfaction, taking necessary action if/when needed.

Below is a step by step guide of the school’s complaints procedure, and you can also download our full documentation and forms here: Complaints Procedure PDF


How to make a complaint

1. Contact the School via 020 8360 3158 to report your concerns.

1.1If the concern is about a teacher, please speak to the teacher. If you have other concerns please report your concern to your child’s Student Manager. You may require a meeting to discuss your concerns in detail.

We ask that you do not arrive at the school without an appointment as this can lead to dissatisfaction as we cannot guarantee the member of staff will be available to meet with you. Your child’s teacher or Student Manager may pass your concern to the Head of Faculty or Head of House, as appropriate.

1.2 If you are unhappy with the response from your child’s teacher, please contact the Head of Faculty. If you are unhappy with the response from the Student Manager, please contact your child’s Head of House.

We anticipate a resolution can be found to suit the needs of the student and the school. If you are still dissatisfied then please refer to the next stage.

2. Contact the Head’s PA who will arrange an appointment between you and the Headteacher or the most appropriate Deputy Headteacher who will investigate your concerns.

2.1You will receive a letter from the school within 36 hours of your meeting detailing the outcome of the investigations and any agreed actions.

We do recognise that some serious incidents may require the Headteacher’s immediate attention.

We believe that we will provide you with a satisfactory resolution and a full explanation of our decision. If you wish to dispute the decision made please refer to the next stage.

3.  If you remain dissatisfied you need  to write to the Chair of Governors via the Heads PA within 10 days of receiving the Headteacher’s decision.

3.1 Your complaint will be sent to the Chair of Governors for consideration by a complaints panel. A complaints panel may be convened at the Chair of Governor’s discretion. You will be informed if a panel is to be convened.

3.2 You will receive a letter from the Chair of Governors informing you of the final decision within 10 working days of them receiving your letter or 10 days of a panel being convened.


Please note: you must go through each stage of the procedure in order for your complaint to be addressed. It is not normally possible to miss out any stage in the procedure.

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