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Brilliant Club – Graduation Trip


On Tuesday 8 May, 24 of our Brilliant Club students experienced their graduation when they graduated from the charity’s ‘Scholars Programme’. The graduation ceremony, held at SOAS (the School of Oriental and African Studies), University of London was an extremely exciting time for the students, as they got to be recognised individually for their hard work and brilliant 2000 word essays when they walked across the stage and received their certificates.

Congratulations must also go to Romina Brown, Adam Eljaafari and  Aliyah Ahmed    who were awarded distinctions for their enthusiasm, commitment and perseverance in completing their projects.  These are fantastic achievements for all of these students and they should be very proud of themselves.

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The students were taken on a tour of the college with a current student and took part in workshops offering guidance on university life, courses and applications as well as study skills. The day ended with a Graduation Ceremony during which the students were awarded their certificates.

At the graduation the students also had the opportunity to talk to current university students and get an idea of the huge array of courses available to study at university.

Congratulations to the following students who completed the Brilliant Club Programme!

Cambridge Campus Bury Campus
Aliyah AHMED Yacquub ALI
Romina BROWN Saynab FARAH
Berfin BULBUL Munever HASSAN
Abigail DELONG Fariha HOQUE
Nasima MIAH  LODI Michelle OKONGA

The students said:

“I enjoyed the actual graduation part because it was exciting.”

“The trip to University was good because it made me feel proud to have finished the Scholars’ Programme and determined to get into a good university.”

“I enjoyed the tour because it was very informative and interesting.”

“I loved the trip as it made me want to go to university.  I am pleased I took part in the Brilliant Club.”

We have been incredibly proud of all the students on the Scholars’ Programme and grateful to our PhD tutors and The Brilliant Club for allowing us the opportunity to take part in the programme. Thanks also to Miss Persaud and Ms Bartley for their support of the group.

Mr N Deniz

AG&T Coordinator


Year 7 Book Challenge

UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Challenge – 2018



Recently 47 students from year 9 and year 10 took part in the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge set by the UK Mathematics Trust.  The challenge was very difficult and involved problem solving of a range of mathematical situations.

Particular congratulations go to Rahman Amaan (Year 9) who was awarded ‘Best in School’ and

‘Best in year’ after achieving a high score of 69.  5 of our student received a Silver award and 10 Bronze in this year’s UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge.

Well done to all students who participated and congratulations to all students that were awarded certificates. Below are the names of students who participated in the challenge:

UKMT Intermediate Mathematical challenge 2018 – results

FIRSTNAME LASTNAME Year Group Scored Blank Certificate
Abbishan Pangasenthiran Y10 59 9 Silver Best in year
Emily Ravtto Y10 59 9 Silver Best in year
Rozin Akdogan Y10 56 8 Bronze
Melisa Toufeq Y10 50 10 Bronze
Rachel Boateng Y10 50 12 Bronze
Layla Dilmohamud Y10 49 9 Bronze
Kirandir Sivapalan Y10 48 7 Bronze
Fidan Mahmudlu Y10 44 8 No
Sajeef Yoganayagam Y10 42 5 No
Tyrone Hines Y10 40 8 No
Kaif Khan Y10 39 4 No
Eli Karagoz Y10 35 10 No
Aniqah Archer Y10 34 9 No
Joseph Ofori Y10 32 2 No
Linda Polat Y10 29 4 No
Alexande Iyamah Y10 29 9 No
Naomi Cudjoe Y10 20 14 No
Kamil Hyla Y10 15 11 No
Amaan Rahman Y9 69 4 Silver Best in School

Best in year

Eray Mete Y9 66 7 Silver
Cansu Hayirli Y9 60 10 Silver
Adam Eljaafari Y9 59 0 Silver
Albiona Miftarithqi Y9 56 4 Bronze
Yacquub Ali Y9 54 3 Bronze
Berfin Bulbul Y9 54 5 Bronze
Nasima Miah Y9 49 9 Bronze
Romina Brown Y9 49 9 Bronze
Ellisia Baxter Y9 47 6 No
Ethan Howard Y9 44 9 No
Tharani Mathisoody Y9 42 0 No
Gulcan Guneysu Y9 42 11 No
Amal Mohamed Y9 40 4 No
Aliyah Ahmed Y9 40 10 No
Isabelle Depooter Y9 39 10 No
Arshiya Esfandyari Y9 37 8 No
Alex Nadim Y9 36 0 No
Naheeda Akther Y9 35 10 No
Mehmet Ipek Y9 35 11 No
Alexandr Ramirez Y9 31 9 No
Daniella Beqiri Y9 30 10 No
Nilsu Ozdemir Y9 30 0 No
Ahmet Cosk un Y9 29 13 No
Jairo Nietocharry Y9 29 4 No
Ishak Zaman Y9 19 9 No
Flit Ra Y9 4 1 No
Emre Demir Y9 7 1 No
Tameisha Chieshe Y9 7 0 No

Mr N Deniz

AG&T Coordinator


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