AG&T Year 8 – Food & Nutrition Club



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AG&T Year 8 – Food & Nutrition Club

Last term we introduced Year 8 students to Food & Nutrition Club where students developed a variety of practical skills and gained an understanding of basic nutrition.

AG&T students worked in groups and assembled following dishes.

Week 1 Pupils made own short crust pastry using the rubbing- in method and assembled jam tart
Week 2 Pupils developed their skills on short crust pastry and assembled Cornish pasties. which also included vegetarian versions
Week 3  Pupils added cultural effects to their knowledge on short crust pastry and assembled Jamaican Patties
Week 4  Pupils carried out research on Puff pastry and used their knowledge to assemble Sausage Plaits, which included vegetarian versions
Week 5  Students made own pastry and assembled Apple turnover.
Week 6  Students made own pastry and assembled Ginger bread man


Through practical lessons and evaluating practical work, students learned to think critically and imaginatively. They did use their skills to adapt and make their own products. This allowed students to practically demonstrate their knowledge and creativity, in the set of practical work learnt.

Well done to all students who participated.

Finally, I would like to thank Mrs N Adu-Sarkodie and Mrs Mary Wood for their hard work and look forward to the next Club.

N Deniz

AG&T Coordinator