Primary Newsletter 2019-20 -Issue 25


Home Learner of the Week

Caterpillar– Oribella for completed every single challenge
and sending in pictures and videos of her completing the
tasks which has been lovely to see!

Jellyfish– Aliyah for creating a great story map
independently and uploading it onto our Google classroom.
Penguin- Daria for uploading lots of beautifully presented work onto Google

Zebra– Morgan for making an incredible effort with ensuring she has completed
tasks set and posting pictures of this for us to see!

Kangaroo– Kristina for completing her work and uploading it for me to see.

Crocodile– Oriana for completing all the tasks and uploading them.

Toucan– Wiktor for completing every task on google docs and turning it in!

Gecko– Berfin K for completing lots of work and writing it all out neatly in an
exercise book.

Jaguar– Derya for completing all of her online home learning and posting lovely pictures.