Secondary News 17th January 2020


  • Make sure you check the seating plans posted in the playground in case there is a change of room for your exam (line up in the playground at least 15 minutes before the start time)
  • Bring all the equipment you will need for the exam [black pens, pencils, ruler, calculator (where allowed), pro-tractor, compasses]
  • Full school uniform needs to be worn, with IDs placed on the exam desk
  • Make sure you understand the rules
  • Mobile phones/smart watches, or any other product with potential technological/web enabled sources of information must be switched off and put in bags. Any student found with such a device on them in an exam room will face disqualification from that exam
  • Any pencil cases taken into the exam room must be see-through
  • Only small water bottles will be allowed into the exam room and must have all labels removed

You must not take into the exam room:

  •  notes
  • a calculator case/instruction leaflet

To mirror the public exams, if you are absent from school and miss an exam, THERE ARE NO RE-SITS.

Listen to the invigilators and follow their instructions during the exam.

Good luck with your revision and the exams!

Ms G Boniface

Examinations Manager
020 8370 1924

Below is the timetable for the Pre Public Exams; copies of which will be found in the exams sections on the school web-site and will also be displayed around school. Individual Candidate Timetables have been given out.

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Mrs M Corfe – Attendance Officer

Secondary Attendance

Top forms for attendance w/c 6th January 2019

10B2 – 99.1%

10B4 – 98.6%

8B5 – 98.2%