Secondary News 29th November 2019


On Enrichment Day our Year 11 students went to Lea Valley Park to experience team building exercises. Here are some accounts of the day :
Stephanie Christou: In the morning my group went on a sculpture trail, which is where we used a map to find different sculptures in the area and take a picture with it. After we did the trail we had lunch after which my group did Orienteering, which is where we had two compasses and two detailed maps which we used to help us find these posts with a number and a letter on the top. We also got given a sheet with numbers on it and we had to fill in the corresponding letter in order to gain points and we also had a time limit and if we went over, each minute deducted 5 points. I enjoyed the Orienteering the most due to winning, getting the most points and also being able to learn how to navigate using a map and compass…….Click here to view more..


Mrs M Corfe – Attendance Officer

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7B3 – 100%

8B2 – 99.5%

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