Secondary News 27th September 2019

Dear Parents and Carers

I write this Newsletter on the day of our annual Open Evening for prospective parents of children for next year’s entry to Year 7. Thank you for supporting our efforts with our early closure as we prepare for this important event.
Last week we held our Academic Review Day. All parents are invited to come to school, with their child, for a meeting with a tutor or another member of staff. We were delighted that parents expressed their opinion on the value of these meetings. A small number of children did not attend the day and we will be seeking to re-arrange these important appointments over the next few days.
I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the expectations regarding attendance and punctuality.
All pupils in the Secondary school should be at school by 8.25am ready for a prompt start at 8.30am. Children should only be absent from school if they are too ill to attend. n law, it is not permitted to take a child out of school for a holiday or family event. If there are particular circumstances that you wish to discuss with us, please contact Mrs Corfe, Attendance Officer. A failure to do this can result in a fine.
It is very pleasing that our attendance rates are improved but the number of children who are classified as having Persistent Absence (that is below 90%) is too high. Being absent for 10% of the school year is 19 days of education. If there are issues that are affecting your child’s attendance, please contact your child’s Progress Leader for a meeting.
Any absence from school must be supported by a note from a parent -otherwise it is classified as ‘unauthorised’. This is not only about the law, but about keeping your child safe and ensuring they have the best chance at school
Yours sincerely
Dr S M Tranter
Executive Headteacher


Mrs M Corfe – Attendance Officer

Secondary Attendance

Top forms for attendance w/c st 16th September 2019

7B3 – 100%

7B1 – 99.6%

9C3 – 99.%