Enrichment Day Visit – Year 4

Year 4 will be visiting The British Museum on Wednesday 9th November.  This is an educational visit that will support your child’s learning during our topic “Walk like an Egyption”.  The children will learn about what it was like to live in Ancient Egypt and see some real artefacts.

The cost of the trip is £5.

Children will have individual letters asking for parent’s permission.

Reception Parents – Parent Partnership Programme

We will be running a six week Parent Partnership Programme on Thursdays afternoons at 2pm.  Parents and Carers of Reception children will have opportunities to develop strategies, resources and skills to support learning from home.    The first session commences Thursday 10th November until Thursday 15th December.  You should ideally commit to attending all or most of these sessions to the get the most out of them.

If you are interested, please see Miss Matthew or Miss Shaw.

Year 8 Success! Brain Blaster Maths Challenge Day

A school trip was organised for some of our highest achieving Able, Gifted and Talented students. Eleven carefully selected Year 8 students went to Chace Community School to take part in a Brain Blaster Maths challenge day on Wednesday 12th October 2016.

The Brain Blaster sessions focus on practical team work and mathematical problem solving, supporting students to develop resilience, perseverance and clear and accurate communication skills as well as applying knowledge to novel situations.

This involved working together in mixed school teams to undertake practical puzzle activities that increases pupils’ awareness of the application of Maths. Each activity was designed to develop skills that will be needed in the workplace and teams were scored based on their planning and team work.

Isabelle, Daniella and Cansu commented that The maths challenge was really fun and showed us how much team work benefit us in finding the solution to challenging problems.

All our students did exceptionally well in all the activities, so a massive well done and thank you to you all. Congratulations to all the students below for their hard work

  • ABDULAZIZ Bonssa 8v/Ma1
  • OKONGA LODI Michelle 8v/Ma1
  • NADIM Alex 8v/Ma1
  • KAYRAN Mehmet 8v/Ma1
  • MUSTAFA Muhsine 8v/Ma1
  • DEPOOTER Isabelle 8x/Ma1
  • HAYIRLI Cansu 8x/Ma1
  • BEQIRI Daniella 8x/Ma1
  • THACI Samuel 8x/Ma1
  • ADAM Stefan 8x/Ma1
  • JONES Adam 8x/Ma1

A special thank you to Mr Woolf for driving the students to and from venue, and taking memorable photos of the event. Also a massive thank you to Mr. Kingston for making our trip possible.

Nihat Deniz

AG&T Coordinator

Parents Wanted for our PTA

Dear parents and carers,

I would like to thank all of the parents that registered their interest in joining the school’s Parent and Teachers Association (PTA).  Some very exciting ideas for some future fundraising events were shared and I am certain this committee will make a big difference to the school.

The next step for our school is to create an official association and fill in the required roles as explained during the meeting. I will be holding a PTA stall outside the classrooms at 2.45 on Thursday 13th October with refreshments and treats available until 3.10. During this time you can come for a free cup of tea and sign up with the PTA and find out more information about the different roles within the PTA.

If you are unable to attend the event but would still like to be involved in the PTA please see me after school at Zebra Class or email primary@edmonton.enfield.sch.uk.

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Miss Lewis

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