UPDATED: Strike action cancelled on Tuesday 14th October 2014

UPDATED: Strike action cancelled on Tuesday 14th October 2014

Dear Parents and Carers,

Last week I told you that we have been informed by Unison, GMB and Unite Trade Unions that there will be a day of strike action on Tuesday 14th October 2014. The dispute is with regards to the rejection of the level of Local Government Pay award for support staff.

I have assessed the possible impact of this action at our school and have decided that the school will be open as normal.

However, because of the action of members of these unions the following services may be affected:

  • There will be some teaching assistants who are striking so your child may not have the usual support in class;
  • Food services will operate but may be limited;
  • The office and administration systems will be operating on a reduced service so it would be appreciated if calls were kept to a minimum. Any phone call may take longer to answer. Emails will not be answered as we will prioritise maintaining reception service.

We will endeavour to keep the school running as normally as possible but hope that you appreciate that some services may not operate as well as usual.

The school will open as normal on Wednesday 15th October 2014.

Yours sincerely

Dr S M Tranter

Executive Headteacher

Year 8 Health and Wellbeing Survey

Information for parents/carers of year 8 students about the student health and wellbeing survey

You should have received a letter from your child regarding a health and wellbeing survey that we would like your child to have an opportunity to participate in. Our school is a member of the Schools Health and Wellbeing Research Network. We are working with a group of researchers from the London Institute of Education to develop the best way for our school to carry out an annual online survey with groups of students about their health and wellbeing.

From the survey we will be better informed to work with you to help to improve students’ health, both through the topics we cover in lessons and the support offered via Student Services. We are therefore asking students in year 8 to complete the online questionnaire during a lesson in the coming weeks. Students will be given information about the survey and why we think it is important for everyone to take part. The survey will cover topics such as exercise, diet, bullying and smoking.

You can see a copy of the letter your child was given and a paper version of the questionnaire by clicking on the two links below.

Download the letter here

Download the questionnaire here

We hope you are happy for your child to participate. If you ARE happy, you need take no further action. If you or your child has questions or concerns about participating in the survey, please contact Ms Baldwin via email (mbaldwin@edmonton.enfield.sch.uk) or telephone (020 8360 3158) before 14th October 2014.

Ms Baldwin
Deputy Headteacher

Dynamic mathematics challenge day for year 8 students

Last week twelve talented mathematicians from Year 8 were invited to participate in a Maths challenge day at a local Enfield school.

The activities were all hands on and the students learnt about the importance of communication skills and effective team work. They enjoyed the puzzle activities that focused on achievement rather than competition and the students were genuinely challenged to solve puzzles by trying a range of strategies to reach a solution. This was highlighted by one student who said ‘We all enjoyed the puzzles as they were confusing but were fun to finish them all’. Members of staff noted that all students were focused and motivated for the whole time and they said it was lovely to see different learning styles being catered for so that everyone had a chance to show their own learning strengths.

Mr N Deniz, Maths Teacher

Download the word doc here: Dynamic mathematics challenge day for year 8 students

year-8-math-01 year-8-math-02


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