Letter from the Headteacher

Dear parents and carers

The half-term concludes and there is chance to pause before the final part of the school year.

Year 11, 12 and 13 are busy preparing for important final examinations and we wish them well. For our Year 13 students, there will be mixed feelings as they start to think about the next phase in their lives as undergraduates at Universities around the country. That’s an exciting prospect but leaving your friends and all that is familiar behind can be daunting. We wish them well and hope that they will look back fondly on their time at our school and keep in touch so that we can share in the successes they will hopefully enjoy.

We bid farewell to Ms Iolanthe Rodman who has been Deputy Head of Science since September 2003 who is leaving to take up a post at Broomfield School. Ms Rodman is a dedicated teacher who has served the school with loyalty and provided individuals with much support. We also say goodbye to Mr Gary Bulleyment who is leaving us for a promotion to Langdon Park School. He has been a very significant member of the PE Faculty, helping students to achieve outstanding results. We wish him very well and thank him for his dedication to student achievement and acting as a positive sporting role model to the students. Earlier this term Ms Badman commenced her maternity leave- no news yet!

Term recommences on Monday 3 June 2013.

Best wishes

Dr S Tranter 


Important Year 11 Notice

Today all students in Year 11 were issued with a timetable giving guidance on which lessons they need to attend after half term. For most students this will mean they are only required to attend lessons in subjects for which they are yet to sit the final examination. When not in an exam or lesson students should revise at home. Please ask your son or daughter for this time table so you can plan their revision together. Further copies can be accessed through the school website here.

For students wishing to revise in school this weekend, the Study Zone will be open between 10am and 1pm on Saturday 25th May on the Cambridge Campus.

Mr M Greenwood 

Assistant Headteacher 

Music Department News

On Friday 3rd & 10th May Year 7 on both campuses took part in Ukulele workshops.

We had artist in residence Lorraine Bow delivering the workshops and it was hugely successful. Students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience of learning a new instrument and our guest was very impressed with how quickly the Year 7 ECS students managed to pick up the skills.

Well done Year 7 and thank you to all staff who supported the workshops. 

On Friday 17th May 25 Year 9 students from Bury and Cambridge visited the British Music Experience at the O2 Greenwich.

Students had the opportunity to take part in a Music IT workshop and explore how the British Popular Music has developed over the decades. They had an opportunity to ‘have a go’ at playing a variety of different instruments in the Interactive Room. It was a very successful and enjoyable day.

I enjoyed the interactive activities and getting to learn about different music from different times.

Quote from Dhyana Desai

Many thanks to Miss M Harper and Miss Ellway for their support with the trip.

Miss C Harper 

Head of Music 


If your child suffers from hayfever it should be sufficient for them to take their antihistamine medication before they come in to school. As the general prescription is one a day, it should not be necessary for students to take them during the school day. Eye drops or nasal sprays can be brought to school together with the completed consent form and kept in the welfare office for when they are needed.

Thank you for your co-operation

Ms D Omard 

Administration Manager 

Bury and Cambridge Campus 

End of Year Examinations for Years 7 – 10

End of Year Examinations for Years 7 – 10

There will be exams for most subjects spread over a two week period: 24th June – 5th July with a small number of practical exams during class time. Due to Year 10 going on work experience on the week commencing 1st July, they will be sitting their exams between 19th – 28th June.

Students will be attending lessons as normal when not sitting an exam.

Students will receive their timetables after half term, a general timetable will also be published in the newsletter and put on the school website.


  •  Make sure you check your timetable for the time of your exam (line up in the playground 15 minutes beforehand) and bring what you need for the exam.
  •  Full school uniform needs to be worn, with IDs placed on the exam desk.
  •  Make sure you understand the rules.

You must not take into the exam room:

  •  notes;
  •  A calculator case/instruction leaflet;
  •  A reading pen;
  •  A mobile phone, iPod, MP3/4 player, a wrist watch which has a data storage device or any other product with text/digital facilities.
  •  Any pencil cases taken into the exam room must be see-through and water bottles must have all labels removed.

Listen to the invigilators and follow their instructions during the exam.

Ms G Boniface
Examinations Officer

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