ECS Summer School 2012

ECS Summer school for all new Y7 students

Week 1:

  • Monday 23 July – Friday 27 July
  • 9:00am -1:00pm
  • Activities include PE, science, music, art and drama.
  • No school uniform needed just kit suitable for sports activities

Week 2:

  • Monday 30 July – 1 August
  • 9:00-11:00
  • Master classes for more able students to choose one class only for the three days
  • These classes are in maths, music, drama, art and sports.
  • No school uniform needed just clothing suitable for the master class

Street Active Summer 2012

For a list of activities over the summer 2012 holidays please see the attached PDF

Download the Summer Street Active July-Aug Programme 2012

Thorpe Park

Dear Parent/Guardian

If your child is attending the trip to Thorpe Park this Saturday 7th July 2012, please read and keep safe the information given below:

8.00 AM Students  arrive on Bury Campus in order to be registered and board coaches
8.30 AM Coaches depart for Thorpe Park
9.40 AM approx Arrive at Thorpe Park (depending on traffic conditions) & alight coaches
10.00 AM Identify the registration/meeting point; identify health & safety issues and behaviour expectation.
10.20 AM Students are then free to roam the park in no less than pairs.
1.00 PM Students register at meeting point, may then roam park again
4.00 PM Students return to the meeting point to be registered and return to coaches
4.30 PM Depart from the park
5.30 PM approx Arrive at Bury Campus where parents arrange to collect child, or child makes their own way home.

Should an emergency arise where you need to contact your child, please use the following emergency contact telephone number:

07805 971 683

Once again, please only use this number in case of emergencies.

Staff will be around the park and based at the central meeting point for the whole duration of the visit.  Students should wear comfortable clothing. A towel or change of clothes may be desirable as pupils will need to be dry for their journey home. Students must either bring a packed lunch or spending money to buy food. This being a theme park where a lot of the rides are water-based, pupils should ideally not bring mobile phones or other electronic equipment with them. Neither staff nor the Park can be held responsible for security and safety of any items students may bring.

Please do not park outside of the school at pick up/drop off time as this space will be required by the coaches.

Students who do not arrive on the day will not be refunded as costs will already have been incurred by the school.

Yours faithfully

Ms. S. Patel &  Mr. T. M. Martin

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